Week in Neurodiversity – Asperger’s Boy Writes Poem that “Breaks the Internet” (5/21/16)

Move over Kim Kardashian, because this week in neurodiversity features Asperger’s boy Writes a poem that REALLY “Breaks the Internet,” A pen has been created that could read to the dyslexic, and a military homecoming that will make your heart melt!

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Autism and the Power of Memory with Ron Sandison | EXPLORING DIFFERENT BRAINS Episode 11

In this episode, Hackie Reitman, M.D. interviews Ron Sandison, an author and preacher with autism and savant memory abilities. Ron discusses the importance of parental involvement for the neurodiverse, the benefits of embracing hyper-interests, and his new book “A Parent’s Guide to Autism: Practical Advice. Biblical Wisdom.”

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Week in Neurodiversity (2/27/16)

On the Week in Neurodiversity, the host highlights newsworthy events in the news involving different brains.

“Millennial Neurodiversity News”

Hosted by Matthew Ryan.


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Autism Advocate Stephen Shore | EXPLORING DIFFERENT BRAINS – Episode 07

In this episode, Dr. Hackie Reitman speaks with author and autism advocate Stephen Shore. Stephen was diagnosed as non-verbal and autistic at the age of 4, when doctors suggested his parents institutionalize him. Since then he has gone on an amazing journey that has led him to speaking on behalf of autism and neurodiversity in 49 countries and all but one continent.

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Autism and Employment with Michael Bernick | EXPLORING DIFFERENT BRAINS – Episode 05

In this episode, Dr. Hackie Reitman welcomes Michael Bernick, the former director of California’s labor department. Mr. Bernick discusses his book, “The Autism Job Club,” the work he does for the neurodiverse through AASCEND, and the importance of employment for people on the autism spectrum.

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Parenting and Asperger’s Syndrome with Derek Volk | EXPLORING DIFFERENT BRAINS Episode 02

In this episode, Dr. Reitman speaks with Derek Volk, author of “Chasing The Rabbit,” host of The Derek Volk Show, and father of a son with Asperger’s Syndrome.

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